Innospection Ltd

Innospection Ltd is a specialist provider of advanced and innovative inspection services and solutions.

An expert in electromagnetic inspection technologies such as Eddy Current and Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current and the MEC (Magnetic Eddy Current) technology, Innospection has delivered advanced non-destructive testing solutions and services to the worldwide process industries including the on- and offshore Oil & Gas industry, refineries, petrochemical and power plants since 1998.

In the offshore and subsea area, Innospection offers advanced technologies and sophisticated equipment to solve niche inspection challenges for the following:

  • Flexible and rigid risers
  • Caissons
  • Subsea structures and pipelines
  • Non-piggable pipelines
  • Ship hulls
  • Mooring lines
  • Conductor pipes
  • Comples areas like subsea welds and manifolds

Designed and built by Innospection, the sophisticated MEC subsea inspection tools are based on the advanced MEC (Magnetic Eddy Current) inspection technique which is a further development of the industry proven non-couplant Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique for fast corrosion screening.

The MEC subsea inspection tools are designed and built to provide comprehensive inspection data within a single deployment. Supporting inspection techniques such as Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC), laser triangulation system, camera system, etc can be easily incorporated into these versatile inspection tools to provide a total and customised solution to solve niche inspection challenges.

Riser and Caisson Inspection

The MEC-MPS series of marinised scanners are used for the condition assessment of rigid risers, caissons and structures, including through the neoprene coating and Monel cladding. They allow the smooth transition from the topside directly into the splash zone without a break in the continuity of scanning.

Flexible Riser Inspection

MEC-Hug is a sophisticated self-crawling flexible riser inspection system that incorporates the patented MEC-FITTM technique which allows the deeper penetration into the various armour layers for the detection of cracks and corrosion beneath the coating at the single wires or wire areas. This technique also enables the selection of the flexible riser layers to be inspected. As an electromagnetic technique, the principle advantage is that no annulus flooding is required for the inspection which minimises the damage to the flexible risers. A change-out of the sensor system enables both inspection tools to be used for the inspection of the rigid risers.

Subsea Structure and Pipeline Inspection

The MEC-Combi Crawler and MEC-Combi Crawler Pipescanner are advanced inspection systems incorporating the MEC technique with various advanced techniques such as Ultrasonic, PEC and laser to provide comprehensive results within a single deployment. Hydraulically driven, the fitted buoyancy and magnetic force enable these tools to crawl up or along the subsea structures, pipelines and ship hulls while performing the inspection. Information on the internal and external defects in term of size, severity of wall loss and locations are achieved.

Mooring Line Inspection

The MEC-Wire Scan incorporates the MEC technique with a specific developed flexible Eddy Current sensor array system to enable the detection of corrosion in the mooring line steel wires.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, Innospection serves a demanding global market together with its subsidiary offices in Germany, UAE and Singapore. An international partner network has been set up in the areas where we are not directly located. An internal innovative R&D team supports the development of new technologies and customised inspection solutions.

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