What is Belsim?

With 25 years of expertise in the process industry, Belsim is a leading provider of advanced Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) solutions based on its in-house software suite VALI.

Belsim specializes in delivering solutions, consulting and software for performance and energy management, production allocation, loss management and process optimization. Our solutions are based on a flexible software suite, offering benefits in many different industry sectors. Nevertheless, we are mainly active in the oil and gas production, refining and both conventional and nuclear power production, including power plant at industrial sites.

Belsim solutions include the VDI 2048 certified VALI software and expert engineering services delivered by a pool of qualified process engineers and international partners. Belsim and its partners have developed a vast experience through their extensive work on DVR projects at a wide variety of process plants all over the world. The unique combination of software and process expertise enables Belsim to detect deficiencies in process performance and help our clients to reach manufacturing excellence.

What is VALI?

VALI is an online Data Validation and Reconciliation application for the enhancement of data quality with regards to coherency, reliability and availability. This solution is based on a process mapping included in a first principle model in which mass, energy, performances and user’s constraints are fully embedded. Together with a rigorous thermodynamic package including equations of state, this model links all kind of plant process data (pressure, temperature, flow, etc.) defined with their uncertainty. Using the redundancy of these raw measurements, an interdependent network of information is obtained in order to extract a single set of coherent measurements (reconciliation) by closing the mass and energy balances. This model can give the estimation for unmeasured variables and hence to act as a Virtual Flow Metering. The online VALI application provides this advanced coherency treatment on an automated workflow.


VALI gives the Customer access to a reliable, accurate and coherent picture of the installation leading to the automatic detection of problems (e.g. sensors failures) and inefficiencies occurring on site.
In upstream, VALI can be used as:

  • An acknowledged Virtual Flow Metering/Soft Sensing system providing high accuracy value for unmeasured data (e.g. at subsea level) and back up if a sensor is failing or a measurement is unavailable
  • A Back Allocation tool based on closed Energy & Mass balances, where all mass, energy, performance and user’s constraints are fulfilled throughout the entire network allowing the automatic detection of losses, water and/or gas breakthrough and on-site problems
  • A Sensors Monitoring solution identifying faulty sensors/measurements and providing highly accurate back-up values with their reduced uncertainty and the evolution in time of specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) together with their uncertainty for equipment.

Belsim VALI is implemented at several customer sites in different industry segments including large and middle-sized companies like Saudi Aramco, Total, British Petroleum, Hess Corporation, Dana Petroleum, Air Liquide, Eletrobras, Yara, Wacker, BASF, EDF, etc. Local support is ensured by Belsim itself and its growing network of highly skilled partners: BTB Jansky (Eastern and Central Europe), Naizak (Saudi Arabia), Neeco (Iran), Onspec Tawakol (Egypt, Libya and Algeria), Haimo (Middle-East), Sitronics (Russia), Hyperion (Greece-Cyprus)…


  • Belsim VALI complies with the German VDI 2048 standard.
  • Belsim VALI has a thermodynamic socket compliant with CAPE-OPEN 1.0.
  • Belsim complies with ISO 9001: 2000 standards.
  • VALI is web service enabled

Some figures

  • VALI has been implemented in over 150 plants
  • Return on investment is usually from 4 to 8 months
  • Implementation has a pay-off between 200.000 to 2.000.000 Euros per application
  • The number of routine lab analysis are reduced by up to 50% in chemical processes
  • Savings of up to 5% in instrumentation maintenance expenses
  • Productivity increases of up to 10%

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