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BlueCielo provides the leading software solution to discover, monitor and protect asset-related information throughout the asset lifecycle.

Our Engineering Content Management (ECM) and Asset Information Management (AIM) solutions help our customers to maximize profitability by providing a single point of truth for asset-related data. This ensures that accurate, up-to-date information is always easily accessible. BlueCielo’s solutions reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase data quality, allowing our customers to enhance profitability and demonstrate regulatory compliance by measurably reducing risk.

BlueCielo is an independent global organization which has built the largest share of successful customer deployments worldwide over the past 30 years. Our Professional Services team has unparalleled expertise within the field of Asset Information Management and our solutions contribute daily to the revenue of the largest global enterprises.

Our customers include: Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, Brunei LNG, Petrofac, Bluewater and Laricina Energy.
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The company is headquartered in The Netherlands and has offices across the United States, Brazil and Europe, as well as an international network of partners that ensures local service and support. BlueCielo is an official partner of Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, SolidWorks and Oracle. For more information, visit

BlueCielo Asset Information Management (AIM) Solution

The BlueCielo AIM solution provides a single point of access (system of record) for all asset-related data managed throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

Our AIM solution offers seamless integration with authoring applications (CAD and Office), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems including IBM Maximo, SAP EAM, Infor and others, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.


BlueCielo's AIM solution offers you easy, quick access to the latest accurate asset-related information through a single point of truth at any time and from any location. Users can search by site, asset number, or use meta-data to find documents or projects in which asset information was modified. The AIM system shows traceability back to the original source of error and allows discovery by role and responsibility.


BlueCielo's AIM solution allows Monitoring the progress of all plant modifications at all times. This includes showing deviations from the standard or the norm and notifying the appropriate stakeholders. It also provides full insight in the performance of the supplier network. Plant modifications are related to the assets impacted by the change project. At the end of the project the new version of the master documentation is available to the organization, so the as-built situation remains clear.


Typically many plant modifications are executed concurrently and stakeholders require the right information to execute their task correctly. The BlueCielo AIM solution gives comprehensive Protection, ensuring data consistency & data completeness while protecting regulatory compliance. The solution manages both the master data and the entire modification process. This results in a compounding database of knowledge, so that new hires can quickly access knowledge.


The BlueCielo AIM system is the most complete solution to manage all concurrent plant modifications to maintain master data as-built. It offers strong support for managing tag-doc relations and maintaining them within modification projects. Our solution supports the plant breakdown structure in addition to the work breakdown structure within modification projects where data is exchanged with external contractors, suppliers and regulatory bodies.

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