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Camcon Oil is a world leader in developing intelligent tools for deployment in the upstream oil & gas industry. Its first solution, APOLLO, a Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift (DIAL) solution, is currently undergoing testing in Oman and is shortly to come to market with significant applications offshore.

Gas lift has become increasingly popular in the oil & gas sector over the last few years where gases, such as CO2, natural gas or nitrogen, are injected into the production tubing to encourage reservoir liquids to enter the well bore at higher flow rates and resulting in improved well performance.

APOLLO is in direct response to operators’ needs to have access to variable operating valve combinations in their gas operations, where decisions and modifications can be made in real-time without intervention and without threats to well instability. APOLLO is based around Camcon’s Binary Actuation Technology (BAT) consisting of a low energy pulse control which signals to switch an actuator between two stable positions to digitally operate a valve, eliminating the need for side pocket mandrels. 

Taking into account the reduced cost of well interventions associated with side-mandrel gas-lift units, the loss of production, wireline and slickline intervention incidents, and optimal usage of gas and associated compressor equipment, Camcon believes that its DIAL solutions can deliver a Return on Investment of at least 20 and have the potential to increase recovery from individual wells by up to 30%.

The result will be to shift the Economic Operating Point for wells with the installation of APOLLO bringing non-viable fields back into production, maximising the lifetime of existing oilfields, and providing real-time production support by monitoring the well’s flow conditions and how it adapts to fluctuating parameters.

Camcon already has distribution partnerships in place to sell APOLLO throughout the Middle East with Oman, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen all countries covered by the agreement. Other countries are likely to follow shortly.

Camcon has also ploughed considerable R&D investment into the new digital lift solution and have set up a partnership with Ultra Electronics, Manufacturing & Card Systems (Ultra CEMS) for manufacturing.

Camcon Oil is part of a federation of companies set up to support the development and commercialization of the Binary Actuation Technology (BAT) with patent protection sought through a close partnership with UK patent attorneys, Nash Matthews.

Camcon Technology was formed in 2000, with Camcon Oil being incorporated in 2009 to specifically concentrate on product development for the oil & gas industry. Today, Camcon’s BAT technology has applications in the automotive, life sciences, and process control industries with Camcon now taking its knowledge and expertise to the upstream oil & gas sector.

Camcon Oil’s management team also comes with significant expertise. Camcon Oil’s non executive Chairman is Lord Young of Graffham, the former Secretary of State for Trade & Industry under Margaret Thatcher; the CEO is Danny Chapchal, former CEO of Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), a technology innovation company spin-off from Cambridge University; and the company’s COO, Ian Anderson has a strong record in management, developing business and marketing strategies for technology companies.

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