Hetronic, Inc.

Hetronic, Inc., a Methode Electronics, Inc. company, is a global leader in Radio Remote Control (RRC) systems that offer innovative User Interface (UI) Solutions. We are expert in designing and producing intrinsically safe, rugged and reliable RRC systems that are customizable to your specific applications. During our 32 plus years of supplying field tested RRC systems, our experience and technical expertise in radio transmission and frequency management, mechanical and electronics engineering have led us to deliver over 300,000 systems still in operation today.

Hetronic innovative RRC solutions are designed for safety and reliability, use the right technology and are made to customer specifications and “on-the-job” requirements.  Using patented User Interface (UI) technology and our time-tested design expertise we provide the best process control solutions to our customers. Our designs instill confidence in the end user that they will work first time, every time and provide the highest level of safety possible. When you purchase a Hetronic radio remote control system solution you will have a global support network ready to help you when you need it.  We have locations on several continents, representatives in over 45 countries and comprehensive on-line resources available 24/7.

As a leader in RRC User Interface (UI) solutions our knowledge of Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) and sensor technology places Hetronic in a unique position in the industry. Our global manufacturing footprint, LEAN processes and best in class manufacturing capabilities provide customers with the most cost effective and best control solution possible.

Hetronic RRC systems are designed and produced to provide users with HMI man-to-machine solutions that enable the safest, most reliable, easy to use and true real-time data process control equipment available.  Our expert application engineers and technologists work closely with our customers to understand their needs and through cross functional teams (engineers, program management and manufacturing experts) we provide a cost effective solution that meets your exact needs.

Flexibility and customizable design are the foundation for solutions we create for your specific application. Hetronic has created a number of base units that can be quickly modified with a wide variety of control switches, displays and software that allow us to supply you a system that does what you want when you need it. Our systems value is in their safety, reliability, ruggedness and performance.

Hetronic is committed to providing every field operator the safest, most reliable and affordable process control solution available. Applications ranging from locomotives to oil and gas exploration, from industrial cranes to agriculture, from mobile hydraulic equipment to mining Hetronic continues to meet the needs of the user. Contact us to discuss your process control needs at hetronic.com or call (405)946-3574.

A Brief History

Hetronic started in 1982 as Heckl Electronics and produced its first radio remote, the GR. During the next 10 years Hetronic introduced the revolutionary GL transmitter using innovative SMD technology and receiving TUV approval for safety. Hetronic introduced industry leading standard systems for tower cranes and received TUV safety approval. Production capacity grew to meet industry needs and Hetronic expanded production into Malta, Philippines and USA. In 1993 Hetronic USA incorporated in Oklahoma City, USA and became the home of Hetronic International.

Starting in 2002, as market needs expanded, Hetronic developed and introduced additional products including the TG, HH, Ergo, NOVA, Pocket MFS systems, the MFSHL series and GL-3 transmitters to meet industry demands.  International market expansion into Mosta, Quito, Ecuador, Brisbane, Japan, Australia, South America, Europe, Canada and Asia soon followed.  As new and evolving markets demanded solutions, Hetronic introduced explosion proof radio remote controls that are NEC, ATEX and IECex certified. Hetronic is a leader of RRC process control solutions for the rail, locomotive, mobile hydraulics, construction, mining, oil and gas drilling and agriculture markets.