Kardex Remstar

As a manufacturer of innovative storage and retrieval systems along with compatible software packages, Kardex Remstar supplies customers from all industries with tailored solutions to meet the various demands of the intralogistics sector. For more than one hundred years the company has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated storage lifts and vertical carousels which allow customers to organize highly dense storage on the smallest of footprints.

Kardex Remstar solutions are characterized by high productivity, performance, precision, and safety, while also making effective use of the space and contributing to optimal ergonomics and process efficiency in the workplace – all benefits that help to secure the customer’s long-term profitability and success. At the same time, besides their robust and high-quality design, the manufacturer’s dynamic storage systems combine a number of innovative approaches that help to continually improve warehousing work processes. For instance, all Kardex Remstar systems work in accordance with the goods-to-person principle, making it possible to process incoming orders very much more quickly and precisely.

Companies that benefit from using modern intralogistics solutions from Kardex Remstar come from all kinds of industries such as automotive, health care, retail, electronics, chemical, and oil & gas:  From rig manufacturing to drilling productivity: having the right parts at the right time and in the right place is critical to operations. Kardex Remstar solutions provide organized and secure storage ensuring maximum part availability.

With an extensive sales and dealership network, Kardex Remstar is active in over 30 countries, and currently employs around 1,200 people worldwide.

Further information is available at www.kardex-remstar.com.