LEISTRITZ AG was founded by Mr. Paul Leistritz in 1905 and is located in Nuremberg, Germany. Based on rich traditions and experience Leistritz has developed into a highly specialized manufacturer of advanced and innovative products serving the demands of energy, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, marine, and chemical processing industries worldwide. Leistritz has always taken great pride in advancing technologies for different customer applications using a creative approach and considering everything from the total solution to the individual component. Today Leistritz and its approximately 1800 employees, serve customers around the world through own subsidiaries, agents and distributors.

LEISTRITZ ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. has served the US, Canadian and Latin American markets for over 30 years. Headquartered in Allendale, NJ, Leistritz ATC is home to the Pumps, Machine Tools and Turbine Components Business Units.  We serve our customers with application and engineering assistance, including sales and service of all product lines. To complete our products, which are imported from Germany, significant engineering and sourcing for our various product lines are done in North America. Based on experience and in-house capability, customized products are designed, assembled and also tested locally. We pride ourselves on working alongside our customers using a flexible and constructive approach to any challenge.

Leistritz began manufacturing screw pumps more than 80 years ago, and the first product was a unique 2-rotor design, which is still the basis of our renowned L2 Series.  Since then the screw pump family has expanded to 3-rotor, 5-rotor and 2-rotor liquid as well as Multiphase Pumps.   We offer a complete line of standard Multiphase Production Systems (MPS) designed to address four specific Oil and Gas applications.  Each MPS can reliably and economically boost production rates.  Capitalizing on Leistritz’ Multiphase Pumping technology, our standard MPSs are designed specifically for Wellhead, Gathering, Liquid Blow Down and Liquid Unloading applications. Each system or unit is customizable to meet an operator’s particular set of codes or specifications.  Our systems are fully supported by our experienced engineering and service personnel. 

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