MAHLE Industrial Filtration

MAHLE Industrial Filtration is a manufacturer and international supplier of filtration systems with over 50 years of experience providing filtration solutions for all areas of energy production including oil and gas production and wind power hydraulic systems. We provide filtration and separation solutions specializing in custom designed filter housings for liquids, oils and gases in applications which include chemicals, petrochemicals, biofuels and water. Our vast product range includes bag & cartridge filter housings, strainers and automated backwash filtration systems designed to provide continuous, maintenance-free operation.

Our line of automatic, back flushable water filters are suitable for all types of water particle filtration as the main full flow filter or as a by-pass filter. They are particularly suitable for the filtration of seawater for cooling engines, generators, heat exchanger and other special equipment that needs protection.

These systems may also treat process water for the oil and gas industry, onshore or offshore for water inspection, seawater, produced oily water, HVAC cooling water and water for fire protection where precise filtration is necessary. Process and waste water from petrochemical and chemical plants can also be treated. MAHLE provides customized filtration solutions to meet exacting requirements.

Our extensive experience with offshore filtration applications includes, sea water treatment for platform applications, diesel treatment packages for offshore diesel storage, and environmental treatment packages for waste water. Each of these applications requires a customised design and fabrication package that can provide not only superior filtration and separation capabilities, but also can withstand the operational challenges found in the world’s diverse exploration and production environments.

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