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MesoCoat – Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Wear Clad pipe and components

MesoCoat, the new Duracell of the coating industry, is a venture-backed nanotechnology materials science company fast becoming a world leader in metal protection and repair through their revolutionary "high speed" cladding (CermaClad™) and "long life" coating (PComP™) technologies. The company’s transformational surface engineering technologies have been the recipient of multiple R&D 100 Awards along with several other industry vetted and innovation awards.

MesoCoat has developed high strength, high toughness ceramic-metallic materials and high speed fusion cladding processes providing unparalleled wear and corrosion resistance; and has verified performance, productivity, and cost benefits with industry leaders in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Energy Generation, and Maritime industries. MesoCoat is now commercializing several of their products and services that are a direct replacement for hard chrome plating, as well as weld cladding processes to address the needs of both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MRO).

MesoCoat’s CermaClad™ technology utilizes a high-intensity light source (up to 500 kW) to rapidly fuse protective, proprietary cladding materials on steel pipes and tubes (both internal and external surfaces), plates, sheets, and bars. CermaClad combines high-speed fusion cladding equipment that is faster, better, and more cost-competitive than current processes with proprietary corrosion resistant alloy (CRA), and wear resistant alloy (WRA) coating materials incorporating patented microstructural and compositional modifications that lead to industry leading performance and life. CermaClad high-speed large-area fusion cladding process has the potential of redefining the $3.8 billion cladding industry; as the process is 15-100X faster than the conventional weld and laser cladding processes, offers superior metallurgical properties, significantly lower corrosion and wear rate, minimal dilution, low heat input to the substrate, very low porosity, smooth surface, and is highly cost competitive at costs 20% lower than competing technologies. Tests conducted at a DNV laboratory in Columbus, Ohio, based on API-5LD standards has confirmed that CermaClad lowers the corrosion rate by 85% compared to weld overlay, exceeds the bond strength requirement by over 50%, meets the mechanical integrity standards, and negligible dilution of base metal. CermaClad Clad pipe is the only metallurgical clad pipe product that can be produced at very high production rates and a single 4-line manufacturing plant can produce up to 100 kms of metallurgical clad pipe.

MesoCoat’s PComP™ nanocomposite metal-ceramic coatings offer the wear and corrosion resistance of ceramic materials such as diamond or glass, but with the toughness and resilience of metals.  These nanocomposite coatings replace current electrolytic hard chrome, electroplating, spray and fuse, physical and chemical vapor deposition, and thermal spray carbides; to impart wear and corrosion resistance to metal surfaces, and reduce friction in sliding wear applications. Cermet coatings are easy and fast to apply, and machine to tight tolerances for dimensional restoration of OEM or worn E&P components. PComP’s are cermets uniquely fabricated into a patented hierarchical structure (controlled at different length scales simultaneously), using patented processes that enable us to engineer the coating down to the nanoscale. The result is a nanocomposite cermet coating that offers revolutionary performance and cost breakthroughs. The PComP™ family of coating materials has been designed to act as a drop-in replacement for competing thermal spray materials, and is designed to work with today’s existing application systems. This combination arises from a unique, patented coating microstructure that combines high hardness zones of a ductile metal in an optimal geometry. PComP™ coatings are 70% lighter than Tungsten Carbide "WC" coatings, and 40% lighter than the hard chrome alternative due to the use of light and low cost silicon-based reinforcements. PComP’s are positioned between chrome and tungsten carbide in price, and provide ‘as good as’ or ‘better’ protection than tungsten carbide coatings. There is a need for better protection of metal assets, and PComP’s provide the lowest life cycle cost coating solution, and helps save a significant amount of money in repair, maintenance, and downtime costs. PComP’s have consistently shown 3-5X extended life on components compared to carbide coatings in several field testing of components conducted by some of the largest Oilfield equipment manufacturers in the Houston area.

1. Corrosion Resistant (CRA) Clad Pipes

MesoCoat’s CermaClad CRA (Corrosion Resistant Alloy) cost-effective clad pipes are made from carbon steel pipe with a metallurgical cladding of a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (Alloy 625, 825, stainless steel, SS 2205, 904L, Monel 400, C276, etc.) at cladding thickness between 2mm - 4mm; using their proprietary CermaClad advanced materials and high-speed large-area fusion cladding technology. The result is a clad pipe that offers the same advantages of a solid alloy pipe at less than 1/4th the cost of a solid alloy pipe. MesoCoat’s metallurgical clad pipes do not buckle under stress like the mechanically lined pipes and are approximately 20% cheaper than the current weld overlay clad pipes. MesoCoat’s CermaClad CRA metallurgical clad pipe product has extensive application in deepwater offshore pipelines, risers, and flowlines along with several other onshore applications in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Desalination, Power Generation, and other industries. The demand for CRA clad pipes as at its peak and will continue to grow exponentially since over 80% of the Oil and Gas fields being developed are very corrosive.

2. Wear Resistant (WRA) Clad Pipes

MesoCoat’s CermaClad WRA (Wear Resistant Alloy) cost-effective clad pipes are made using proprietary wear resistant materials including breakthrough Semi-Amorphous Metal (SAM) alloys and engineered cermet (ceramic-metal) composites like tungsten carbide (WC) and Chrome Carbide (CrC) that are applied using the high speed fusion cladding processes, CermaClad. Depending on the application and life requirements, CermaClad WRA is applied at cladding thickness between 1mm to 15mm. The result is a clad pipe that offers the same advantages of a solid alloy pipe at less than 1/4th the cost of a solid alloy pipe. CermaClad WRA value propositions are based on extending the life of high wear components, thus saving the end user the very high costs associated with maintenance and downtime. MesoCoat’s CermaClad WRA metallurgical clad pipe product has extensive applications in the Oil Sands and Mining industries for hydrotransportation, and tailings and slurry transportation. The demand for WRA clad pipes is currently at its peak, and is expected to grow exponentially driven by tripling of Oil Sands production over the next 5 years.

3. Clad Plates

MesoCoat CermaClad clad plates are made from carbon steel plate with a metallurgical cladding of proprietary corrosion- and wear-resistant alloys. Unlike other processes such as roll-bonding and explosion bonding, MesoCoat’s CermaClad clad plates can be made at very low thicknesses (100 micron thin metallurgical cladding). Cladding on carbon steel plates is performed using MesoCoat’s revolutionary high-speed large-area fusion cladding technology that enables very high productivity, true metallurgical bond, minimal dilution, and as mentioned earlier can apply very thin (100 microns) and very thick (15 mm) layer of cladding on the carbon steel substrate depending on the application and life requirements. Clad plates are offered in a variety of metal, alloys, ceramic, and cermet combinations based on client specification. The result is a clad plate that offers the same advantages of a solid alloy plate at less than 1/4th the cost of a solid alloy plate. MesoCoat’s clad plates have extensive applications in Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Marine, Desalination, Petrochemical, Power Generation, and Processing industries; where these clad plates are used to manufacture vessels, tanks, exchangers, and other large equipment and machinery.

4. Pipe and Tubes OD Cladding

MesoCoat offers outer diameter (OD) clad pipes and tubes in cladding thickness ranging from 100 microns to 3 mm depending on the application and life requirements. The cladding on these pipes and tubes is applied using MesoCoat’s high-speed large-area fusion cladding technology, CermaClad, which enables very high productivity, true metallurgical bond, minimal dilution, and can apply a variety of corrosion- and wear-resistant materials on the OD of pipes and tubes. The result is a clad pipe/tube that offers the same advantages of a solid alloy pipe at less than 1/4th the cost of a solid alloy pipe. MesoCoat’s CermaClad OD Clad pipes and tubes have extensive applications in cross-country pipelines, under-insulation corrosion, boilers tubes and heat exchangers, and other applications in the petrochemical and processing industry.

5. Low Thickness Cost-Effective Metallurgical Cladding

MesoCoat’s CermaClad™ LT (low thickness) solutions will provide corrosion resistance to steel components in environmental (salt water, atmospheric) environments, including pipeline outer diameters (OD), ballast and cargo tanks, LNG carriers, splash zone components, and under insulation corrosion protection. CermaClad™ LT is offered in variety of material combinations, in thicknesses ranging from 1-30 mils (25μm – 1mm), and provides life of- asset corrosion protection. CermaClad™ LT competes with thermal spray aluminum and zinc, as well as galvanizing, in situations where temperatures exceed allowable limits for polymeric protection, or where longer assured maintenance free lifetimes are desired. CermaClad™ LT offers better protection than thermally sprayed materials, because CermaClad™ LT cladding are fully dense (no porosity), and metallurgically bonded to the base metal being protected.

6. Component Coatings and Repair Services

MesoCoat offers component coating and repair services using its proprietary nanoengineered cermet coating materials that are applied to components using conventional thermal spray coating techniques. MesoCoat’s PComP coatings offer unparalleled performance at the lowest life cycle cost and have shown 3X lower corrosion, up to 80X lower wear in a variety of applications leading to tremendous life extension of metal assets. MesoCoat currently offers the following four coating solutions for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Processing, and Metals industry.

  1. PComP™ T-HT: High Toughness, Corrosion resistant Nanostructured Titanium cermet
  2. PComP™ T-HH: Higher Hardness, Wear resistant nanocomposite cermet with cobalt-based matrix
  3. PComP™ W: Premium High toughness nanoengineered WC-Co cermet
  4. PComP™ S: Lower Density, Low Spallation corrosion resistant silicon nitride based cermet

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