A world leader in motion and fluid control technologies, Norgren works closely with customers to gain a deep understanding of their engineering needs, and then connects its people, products and expertise to give them a clear competitive edge.

This is known as Engineering Advantage, and is delivered through high-performance products, exceptional local service, and an unrivalled pedigree of innovation and technical excellence.

With an established network in 75 countries, Norgren, part of the £2.1 billion FTSE100 IMI Plc Group, can support customers in complex projects, wherever in the world they are located.

Norgren has vast experience of designing products able to provide long-term reliability and safety in extreme environments across wide temperature ranges.  As a responsible business, Norgren remains committed to practices which contribute positively to the environments in which the company operates. Its products set new standards for efficiency, helping to reduce air usage and energy costs.

Internationally known, market-leading product ranges such as Maxseal, Herion, Watson Smith, Buschjost and Thompson Valves all come under the Norgren umbrella.

At the heart of its offering are solenoid valves that typically have stainless-steel housings and explosion-proof coils, with a broad choice of seal materials.

Norgren’s Maxseal stainless-steel solenoid valves are low power consumption, fast-acting instrument change-over valves. They have exceptionally high-force return springs, are suitable for Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications, are certified to SIL 3 and 4 and have ATEX, GOST, INMETRO and CSA approvals, with FM pending. Options include high pressure up to 414bar (6,000psi) and operation at low temperature down to -60°C.

Included in the range are 0.25in and 0.5in stainless-steel, two, three and five port direct-acting ICO4S solenoid valves, the compact, low power consumption ICO3 range and the intrinsically safe, pilot-assisted ICO2 solenoid valves.

Meanwhile, Norgren’s Maxseal SOV range offers rapid instrument changeover and process control for hazardous areas. The range includes 0.5in to 4in solenoid valves certified for hazardous area use as well as general air, gas and liquid handling in oil and gas, petrochemical and water applications. Air-operated valves (APV), pilot-operated valves (POV), spool valves and quick exhaust valves (QEV) complete the Maxseal range.

Norgren has been at the forefront in developing industry standards such as the NAMUR interface and modular body and coil systems. Its Herion solenoid valves are used extensively for process control automation and the control of process fluid. NAMUR interface and in-line solenoid valves control the single and double acting pneumatic actuators operating ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and dampers.

Norgren’s product portfolio also includes Norgren and Maxseal branded stainless-steel air preparation equipment (filters, regulators and filter-regulators), Herion pneumatic and hydraulic pressure switches, Watson Smith I/P and E/P convertors and Buschjost 2/2 way and 3/2 way process valves.

Combining safety and availability in a single convenient package, Norgren’s RVM (Redundant Valve Manifold) system offers simpler installation, helps eliminate unplanned shutdowns and is available in either aluminium or stainless steel to suit both upstream and downstream applications.

RVM products provide redundancy in the event of valve failure while increasing time intervals between maintenance and delivering a variety of circuit functions with no need for pipework. Options include one out of two (1oo2), two out of two (2oo2) and – unique to Norgren – two out of three (2oo3) set-ups.

Meanwhile, Norgren’s latest generation of stainless steel filtration for compressed air and gas systems are constructed of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, meeting NACE Standard MR-01-75, meaning they can resist sulphide stress cracking and discoloration in corrosive environments.

These products have a unique convoluted filter element creating a large surface area, delivering high flow with minimal pressure drop while filtering particles as small as 0.01µ.

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About Norgren
A world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, Norgren works closely with customers to gain a deeper understanding of their engineering needs, and then connects its people, products and expertise to give their equipment and their business a clear advantage. Norgren’s reputation rests on a world-class portfolio of high performance products, the innovation and technical expertise of its 6000-plus people, and an ability to deliver exceptional local service. A subsidiary of the £2.13 billion turnover engineering group IMI PLC, Norgren has a sales and service network in 75 countries, technical centres in the USA, Germany, UK and China, and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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