SafeHouse is a specialist oil & gas services business focused upon protecting people, plant and the environment via a range of advanced, containment-related products and services.

Based in Scotland, but with a decade-long track record of supporting client operations around the world, our portfolio includes:

  • The hot work habitat – a modular solution that effectively segregates ignition sources in hazardous locations. The only ATEX accredited system of its kind, it eliminates the need for operational shutdowns during hot work in the offshore oil & gas industry. The SafeHouse habitat is strong, flexible and proven in a diverse range of operational environments. Easy and fast to install, it comprises a system of fire-retardant panels which connect over a frame to create a contained environment for hot work in zone 1 and 2 areas. Specialist complementary tools and techniques are used to maintain positive pressure and safe working conditions, while SafeHouse also provides comprehensive technical support packages as well as training programmes for clients. Our habitat system can be configured to meet the requirements of any offshore job – in the most inaccessible location – and is designed to meet our core company objective: to make hot work safer, efficient and effective.

  • EnviroWrap – an innovative environmental protection solution for offshore that also delivers greater operational efficiency. EnviroWrap uses 'shrink wrap' technology to mould technically advanced panels around any scaffolding structure, and in the process create a contained workspace. It means contaminants are held during repair or maintenance activities, such as blasting and painting, whilst adjacent plant is protected from harm. Client personnel are shielded from the elements, and SafeHouse air conditioning systems can be deployed to maintain a temperate working environment. A step change in industrial screening techniques, EnviroWrap is used by clients around the world as an effective encapsulation process.

  • ATEX PowerTools – a new range of spark-free safety tools for offshore operations that represents a new dimension in protection when it comes to small-scale cutting and grinding jobs. The pneumatically powered equipment range, comprising five tools in two separate kits, is all ATEX certified for use in zone 1 and 2 areas. The tools can be used under a cold work permit, meaning reduced risk and costs savings. Devised and developed in-house by SafeHouse, they can also be used for extended periods because of low vibration levels.

Each of our specialist product areas is underpinned by robust health & safety, quality and logistics systems that underline our commitment to delivering the best possible client services, wherever and whenever they're required.

Those services are based on more than technical expertise and skilled work execution: they're founded on in-depth industry knowledge and a resolve to introduce smarter ways of working in our specialist arena.

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals is trusted by many of the world's largest energy operators and contractors to provide robust and reliable solutions.

With a network of subsidiaries in key energy regions around the world, we're equipped to provide swift and effective support to an ever-growing client base.

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