SAT (Systems Analysis Technology)

SAT (Systems Analysis Technology) is a multi-discipline company with extensive experience from design, commissioning and operation of oil and gas production installations. SAT provides services and software solutions for training and integrated operations covering all plant systems. Our clients include oil and gas operating companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. An overview of SAT’s services and software solutions is provided below.

SATOT (Operator Trainer)

SATOT is an online solution for handling Systems Training Manuals. The central element in SATOT is the web publishing and associated operator training features. There are several options when selecting a System Training Manual in SATOT. The long version is for self-study, the shorter highlight version is for classroom training, while E-learning provides introductory material. The objectives of SATOT are to increase the effectiveness of operator and staff training and reduce the costs of developing and maintaining training functions.

SATOS (Operator Support)

SATOS is an online solution for handling Operations Procedures. The key feature in SATOS is the node diagrams (start-up or shut-down diagram) with associated structured operating procedures. SATOS aims to increase safety and regularity by facilitating standardized operations. SATOS uses database solutions to access procedures, checklists and other relevant information for the operator. Control room operators can collaborate both with specialists in an Onshore Operation Center and with suppliers as procedures and operations progress can be followed from all locations.

SATMH (Material Handling)

Developed by SAT, SATMH is an online solution for handling Material Handling documentation. The central element in SATMH is the web publishing and associated operator (user) interface features. SATMH reduces the costs of developing and maintaining optimal material handling documentation and keeps a common, up-to-date material handling document structure. SATMH uses database solutions to access material handling procedures, data sheets and other relevant information.

SATIG (Industrial Gaming)

SATIG is an online gaming solution, simulating plant operations. It is perfect for operator training prior to plant completion or for basic training of new operators. SATIG represents an integration of SATOS, a plant 3D model and 3D gaming technology. The "games" are designed to let control room and field operators perform the same task according to real life operating procedures, step-by-step, in SATOS, in the CCR and in the field. For example, when performing a platform "Black Start" game, the challenge is to do it correctly in minimum time (reduce downtime). More than one operator can compete.

SATCM (Competence Management)

SATCM is a Total Business Solution, aiming to qualify the Competence Management to meet authority and company requirements, business norms, success criteria and business sector industry standards. Competence Management tools and services have been developed and tailored to include training within HSE, Management, Operations & Maintenance and Technical Support.

SAT Software Deliveries

SAT normally delivers online solution software, together with developing its content, e.g. Systems Training Manuals, Classroom Courses, e-learning, Operating Procedures, Documents, etc. However, all software solutions are available as stand-alone software packages with installation CD for a server database, and easy-to-follow installation and user guidelines.

SAT Offices

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