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Silva Non Skid Solutions is the owner of Silvagrip®, a patent-pending peel and stick non-skid product that has revolutionized the non-skid application industry.

Silvagrip is an aluminum/ceramic blend of molten metal and ceramic, applied to a back with adhesive and a protective plastic liner. It can be shaped or bent, but also provides a strong and hard non-skid wear surface. When molten aluminum blends with ceramic and oxygen it creates a very tough material with a rough surface profile. The aluminum/ceramic blend is a patented product used in creating Silvagrip.

Silvagrip is fabricated with metals that hold a matrix of sharp ceramic abrasives, with a hardness factor just under diamonds. This hardness increases durability which increases longevity and effectiveness.

Metal encapsulated abrasive particles are more durable and secured than in polymers, epoxy, or resin based nonskid. Until Silvagrip was invented, all nonskid peel and stick products were resin based. When metal decks contract and expand, the adhesive used in Silvagrip, expands and contracts with the metal decking, thus eliminating the potential of cracks, chips and delamination you get with traditional epoxy and grit.

Silvagrip is designed for harsh environmental conditions like salt water and is resistant to most chemicals found in the work environment.

Silvagrip has an expected lifecycle of more than ten years but it can last much longer with some estimations up to 50 years. Product testing only began ten years ago, so its lifecycle is expected to increase as time goes on.
Conventional non-skid peel and stick products use resins (polymers) to hold the abrasive. This profile wears out via grit pull out, by being worked back and forth in traffic until the abrasive falls out. The abrasive particles don’t wear out, they just fall out, especially in hot conditions.

An added feature of Silvagrip is its weight. By design, peel and stick applications do not need to cover 100% of the surface area. A two inch border between sheets greatly reduces the amount of product needed to cover a working surface.

Another weight saving benefit is the actual weight of the application product. By comparing the weight of the product used for equal size surfaces, peel and stick products weight less than half of epoxy paint thereby reducing the weight load even more.

Silvagrip peel and stick is applied on smooth, dry and clean surfaces. No special equipment is needed to install Silvagrip. The simplicity of the installation usually reduces the need for outside contractors. The area does not have to be restricted due to ventilation or curing times, as with non-skid paint. The finished surface is immediately ready for use.

Silvagrip’s superiority in durability results in less replacement and the total cost of ownership is significantly lower over the life of the product.


  • Long life, permanently safe surface
  • Silvagrip withstands high deck temperatures
  • Usable on all metals
  • Flexible – confirms to any deck substrate
  • Lightweight and paintable
  • Easy to clean by scrubbing or pressure washing
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Easy to repair or replace, even at sea
  • Corrosion-proof, waterproof, UV-proof
  • Use in all-weather environments
  • Resistant to wear (Ceramic Rc60+)
  • Approved and used by the US Navy Milspec MIL PRF 24667C type XI

Worldwide Distribution
Silvagrip is manufactured by Silva Non Skid Solutions based in Florida, USA and offers worldwide distribution.

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