Solvay Speciality Polymers

Solvay Specialty Polymers manufactures over 1,500 products across 36 brands of high-performance polymers offering, as a leading global producer of innovative materials which consistently surpass the highest standards for sustainability, durability, chemical and temperature resistance, weatherability and transparency, the widest range of specialty polymers in the world which fulfils critical requirements of global customers involved in industries such as the Advanced Electronics Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Healthcare, Membranes, Plumbing, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Wire & Cable and Alternative Energy ones.

The over 1,500 products portfolio derives from four technologies in which Solvay Specialty Polymers boasts tremendous expertise: aromatic polymers covering the full spectrum of high-performance polymer applications - high-moisture barrier polymers, fluoropolymers and high-performance cross-linkable compounds.

Solvay Specialty Polymers