The Sniffers

The Sniffers, a Belgian company founded in 1991, is an international market leader in fugitive emission management, pipeline services, thermographic integrity inspections and leak detection with specialized dogs.

Together with our know-how about local regulations and our in-house developed software to manage measured data and the creation of a complete report, we can assist you in your energy-saving projects.

Overview of cost-saving and prevention services

Emission services

  • Fugitive emission management (LDAR)
    Emission measurements conform EPA Method 21 and local regulations
  • Smart LDAR
    Combination of traditional LDAR and quick scanning with infrared camera
  • Flare loss management
    Detection of VOC’s with ultrasonic equipment
  • Steam loss management
    Use of ultrasonic equipment to detect possible leaking steam traps
  • Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)
    • Measurement of leaks in inaccessible areas
    • Measurement storage facility emissions with infrared camera
  • Storage facilities emission management
    • Optical Gas Imaging with infrared camera for fast leak detection
    • Continuous logging with FID/PID resulting in concentration profile
    • Hi Flow Sampling (often in combination with OGI) for quantification of storage facility  emissions
  • Instrument air & nitrogen loss management
    Leak detection inside units with ultrasonic equipment to reduce energy costs and extend the life duration of compressors
  • Corrosion thickness measurements
    Monitoring of the condition of your facilities with ultrasonic equipment
  • Hi Flow Sampling
    Quantification and calculation of emissions with exact payback factors as a result
  • Thermographic integrity inspections
    Use of infrared camera to check the condition of your infrastructure to prevent problems and to assure safety
  • Insulation inspections
    Visualization of missing or quality of piping- and equipment insulation
  • Hidden corrosion detection
    Insulation quality reduction due to corrosion

The Sniffers as your partner

Experts in local regulations

Every country, region or client has its own legislative requirements and guidelines. Our specialists are experts in local regulations, guidelines and protocols.

Safety & quality

Safety and quality are our priorities. We use the most innovative measurement equipment and we are OPITO-, VCA- and ISO-9001 certified. Health and a safer environment are our key areas.

Software solutions

The Sniffers has its own self-developed software tools that are tuned on data management of emission monitoring. We provide three self-developed and complete relational software solutions to collect, monitor and report all your fugitive emission data: SFEMP, SNIFFLARE  and SNIFTRAP.

Moreover, we have PERSEUS to collect, monitor and report all your pipeline data with mobile applications.

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