Tyco are a single source supplier in the provision of life safety and asset integrity solutions worldwide. We have experience that can be traced as far back as 1852 and hold one of the world’s largest portfolios for fire, safety and asset integrity solutions. As an industry leader, we have a track record for providing “long term sustainable” fire suppression systems in some of the harshest Oil and Gas environments imaginable.

Tyco helps protect 90% of the world’s top 50 Marine and Oil and Gas companies for all types of assets and facilities, from fixed platforms, FPSO’s, semi-submersible platforms, semi-sub drillers, drill ships, cargo vessels, oil tankers, platform supply vessels to terminals and refineries, around the world.

"As the industry leader in life safety & asset integrity solutions, we’ve introduced much of what is now considered best practice worldwide, and we continue to set the standards."

Tyco‘s unique Framework for Safety provides innovation and service delivery that offers an integrated approach to delivering life and asset safety solutions and service.
We can help you to reduce costs through; using multi-disciplined engineers, combining offshore visits to save duplication of engineering support, a single management fee for management and administration across all the disciplines provided, consolidation of tooling and deliveries offshore, plus additional purchasing power.

To take advantages of the cost savings requires a coordinated approach and commitment from both business organisations – ensuring that significant savings can be generated without compromising compliance, safety reliability and customer service.

We collaborate with the HSE to generate guidance notes on testing and maintenance of life safety and asset integrity systems. This trusted role is directly due to our track record in providing best-in-class maintenance and engineering support.
Your life safety and asset integrity systems must be in the best possible working order at all times. A Tyco maintenance program fulfils your ongoing maintenance requirements and highlights the need for upgrades and extensions ensuring maximum return on your investments.

Tyco’s Full Spectrum of Safety & Asset Integrity Solutions

Fire & Gas Detection/Alarm

  • Smoke, heat, Co, multi-sensors
  • UV, UV/IR, IR3,,256 IR array Flame Vision
  • Digital, analogue, fibre optic linear heat
  • Flammable & Toxic Gas
  • Open path oil mist & smoke

Detection & Control

  • High integrity Sil 2/3 safety & control systems
  • Sil 2 addressable fire detection
  • Integrated system solutions

Portable Gas Detection

  • Supply
  • Repair
  • Calibrate
  • Hire

Interface Engineering

  • Linking of platform with mobile structures

Safety Products

  • Over 17,000 products
  • Life saving, firefighting and safety

Fire Protection Systems

  • Gaseous
  • Water mist
  • Foam
  • Deluge
  • Helideck fire protection
  • Sprinkler
  • Dry Chemical
  • Containers / Cabinets / Skids

Deluge Verification

  • Surveys & inspections
  • Testing
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • System refurbishment, modifications, upgrades
  • Chemical cleaning and de-scaling

HVAC / Environmental Solutions

  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Monitoring and testing
  • Noise control
  • LEV assessments
  • Safe refuge


  • Chemical descaling / cleaning
  • Without dismantling critical safety systems

Audio Communications

  • Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA)
  • Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA)
  • Mentor intercom and talkback
  • VoIP
  • Field equipment

Fiscal Metering

  • Consultancy, Independent Audits, Healthcare contracts
  • Flow measurement equipment
  • Oil in water
  • Analysing systems oil & gas

Wellhead and Hydraulic Process Control

  • Wellhead control panel / Work over control systems
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Chemical & methanol injection systems
  • TUTU Topside umbilical termination unit
  • Accumulator testing / recertification
  • Hydraulic test units
  • Repair & maintenance of Topside equipment
  • TUTO flushing and pressure testing of pipework / umbilical’s

Security and Surveillance

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Integration platforms
  • Surveillance & verification cameras
  • Remote monitoring centres
  • Enterprise platform