Ultra Electronics Network Analytics

Ultra Electronics Network Analytics

Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defence & aerospace, security & cyber, transport and energy company comprising many separate, innovative businesses creating leading-edge solutions to meet customer requirements. By applying these differentiated solutions Ultra has built a broad range of niche market positions.

Ultra Electronics Network Analytics is a specialist business within the Ultra Electronics group, grown from the specialist recording company AudioSoft Ltd and is a market leader in the provision of data recording, data visualisation, data analysis solutions and cyber security.

Data Recording Solutions

The Ultra Electronics Network Analytics’ suite of multi-format media recording and cyber security products is a perfect balance of quality, affordability and feature rich applications.  The Medirva® recording product packages have a seventeen year pedigree and are the next step on from the widely acclaimed and market leading AudioPC product range. Medirva® recording and playback software is used in a wide variety of markets including Air Traffic Management, Defence, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Command & Control, Hearing Tribunals and Courtrooms.  Medirva® records audio, video, VoIP, network data and operator screens. All recorders can be remotely configured and controlled from an easy-to-use web interface called Medirva® Navigator.  Each Medirva® software package has been designed specifically to target niche market sectors offering a best-in-class recording solution.

Digital Interview Solutions

Ultra Electronics Network Analytics offers end–to–end digital interview solutions for all manner of applications, which often include networked content and distribution management services.  Medirva® Repository is an Evidential Content Management, Transcription and Workflow Software Suite:  A browser based software application, it enables access to and management of an evidential digital data repository, storing all data and metadata in one secure, accessible location.  Medirva® is the next generation recording platform for media of all types.

Cyber Security and Legal Intercept

Ultra Electronics Network Analytics supports Security Services around the globe in their work against serious crime, organised crime and international terrorism through the provision of their covert monitoring post digital recorder and cyber security products.  As part of a total legal intercept offering, Ultra Electronics Network Analytics can provide solutions for all sectors of the critical infrastructure including water, chemical, energy, nuclear and transportation.

Cyber Security, and data encryption

Computerised control systems are vulnerable to cyber-attack, i.e. the intentional and malicious use of those control systems.  Ultra Electronics has been producing secure industrial control and condition based monitoring solutions for thirteen years.  These provide critical system protection as part of a holistic cyber security solution. More than just a firewall, network segregation and monitoring solution, they provide a unique defence-in-depth solution focusing on protecting the most critical and vulnerable devices in a facility, from a wide range of cyber and physical attacks.  The two main products, EnergyGuard and EtherGuard, are selected according to the environment and application. EtherGuard is a high speed information assurance device that combines together a number of different capabilities to create a tailored cyber defence.  The EnergyGuard solution is optimised for the unique environment it is operating in, balancing the risk management requirements and operational limitations of demanding industrial automation, monitoring and control applications.
Ultra Electronics Network Analytics provides scalable, bespoke world class technical solutions aimed at niche, high security applications and work closely with our customers to ensure that satisfaction is delivered time after time.