Wellbarrier AS is a forerunner and world leader in development of software application for preparation and illustration of well barriers in oil and gas wells. The company was founded and developed by people who inaugurated the well barrier illustration concept in the early 1990’ies and who have since participated to the writing of the Norsok D-010 Well Integrity standard.


Wellbarrier is a company providing specialist services relating to well barriers and well integrity. The backbone of the company is a web application that will allow the subscribing users to produce well barrier illustrations with high quality graphics in an efficient manner. The well barrier application is aimed at and being used by independent, national and super-major oil and gas companies in most corners of the world.

Post Montara/Macondo

Follow these recent accidents the matter of well integrity and barriers have received significantly more attention, and we see an increasing demand for understanding and conveyance of how safety is taken care of. The use of illustrations for this purpose tells a story of more than a thousand words and ensures that everyone has the same picture of the situation.

Well barrier schematics

The concept of making available well barrier illustrations have continuously been improved throughout the years and is now available to the industry as a powerful state of the art web application where the user can perform a large number of well specific adaptations, yet retain a strong and consistent graphical output.

It is believed that the well barrier schematics will add improved understanding to all stakeholders outside those working on the very specific engineering details of the well.

The application

The Wellbarrier web application offer a large library of samples from all types of well activities during the life span of the well, from drilling through well testing, completion, intervention and workover to plug and abandonment of the well.

The user can also build his own well configuration from scratch, making the well illustration 100% well specific.

The web application is today widely used in operations on the Norwegian continental shelf and subscribers in Europe, America and the Far East are now using the illustration tool.

Consultancy services

Wellbarrier offer consultancy services to operating companies, research institutions and regulatory bodies. Services provided may be assessments on particular well situations, new technology, setting up company libraries based on existing well portfolio, reviews and audits.


Training courses are held on use of the Norsok D-010 standard, well barrier design and well barrier drawing philosophy.


Contact us for more information on how our application can help you convey to all stakeholder how you establish and maintain you well barriers in an efficient and consistent graphical manner.

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