Whitford's worldwide headquarters is located in Elverson, PA. Whitford manufactures the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world. We have manufacturing sites in 11 countries, offices in more and long-standing agents in many other markets. Whitford also has fully staffed laboratories in eight of its facilities around the world.

Whitford formulates and manufactures high performance fluoropolymer coatings (also known as “nonstick” coatings) for countless applications, including oil and gas, industrial, aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, textiles, reprographics, food contact, high-temperature use, decorative, etc. Xylan® coatings offer many benefits for offshore service, including resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, superb subsea visibility, lower maintenance costs and less downtime. Additionally, Xylan has been the first choice of many engineers in the offshore industry for over 30 years.

Whitford spends a higher percentage of sales on research and development than any of our competitors. We run training programs for our people and our customers around the world. Whitford frequently formulates special coatings to solve an individual customer’s specific problems. And we provide unsurpassed technical support for our products worldwide.

What is a high-performance coating?

High-performance fluoropolymer coatings are low-friction, dry-lubricant materials that achieve remarkable synergy by combining the capabilities of two types of engineering plastics.

Fluoropolymers, with the lowest known coefficient of friction of any known solid, are combined with high-temperature organic polymers to provide unique and highly versatile combinations of properties.

These tough lubricating coatings can operate successfully at temperature extremes which, at the low end, would render ordinary fluid lubricants too high in viscosity and, at the high end, char them to ash.

From the beginning, Whitford developed matrix coatings for industrial applications. As these applications have grown and become more focused, Xylan coatings have been adjusted to meet the specific demands of each. As a result, Xylan became the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world

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